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Antibes Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport school located in Toronto
with recreational and competitive programs for girls in 4 locations.
Parents and tots program, ballet, sport dance and camps.

In our school there is a subsidized program. The more hours your child practices a week , the less you pay. The longer you stay with the school, the less you pay each year, and after 5-6 years you have free of charge workout.

Almost every month we have an open house day where parents can observe free of charge how children improve their skills in the gym.

We do not promise that your daughter will be a champion, but she will if she has ability for that. And we promise that your daughter will acquire mastery of the gymnastics apparatus.

We have a Sports-Dance Group, where girls can combine their technique of dance and gymnastic skills together and participate in various events...

Strength is ...

Gymnasts require many different strength qualities:
1) Mental Strength to compete under pressure and overcome their fear of difficult skills.
2) Physical Strength to perform skills like balance.
3) Kinetic strength to master pivots and jumps.
4) Dynamic strength to be able to lift and hold their body in the correct shapes.

Flexibility is ...

1) The ability to move ones body in the correct range of movement to allow a gymnastics element to be performed correctly.
2) Keeping the body supple to reduce the chance of injury.

Performance is...

1) Working to your maximum potential both in training and competition.
2) Executing a clean routine under pressure and in front of judges.
3) Conditioning your body to allow you to complete the skills you have been learning.

Fitness is...

1) Endurance fitness allows you to train long and hard in the gym in preparation for competition.
2) Dynamic fitness helps you jump and turn.
3) Kinetic fitness allows you to hold your body with the correct posture to perform an element properly.

Health is...

1) Eating a correctly balanced diet to give you energy to train and develop.
2) Feeling and looking well.
3) Not pushing the body too far when training or working while injured.

Discipline is...

1) The ability to focus and concentrate on the routine under the pressure of competition without making any mistakes.
2) Motivating yourself to practice the same element hundreds of times to reach perfection.
3) Having the correct attitude to training and competition and to work safely.

Participation is...

1) Enjoying yourself and making the most of your time in the gym.
2) Helping your team mates with their training an encouraging each other.
3) Making friends with gymnasts from other Provinces and Countries.

Co-ordination is ...

1)According to the dictionary:- Harmonious functioning of muscles or groups of muscles in the execution of movements.
2) In gymnastic terms, awareness of your body position and getting it to move in the right place at the right time.
3) Linking a series of elements together with good posture, spatial awareness and style.

Confidence is...

1) Believing in yourself and in your ability to perform.
2) Mentally performing your routines in your head to make performing the elements second nature.
3) Preparing properly for competition so there is no doubt in your mind that you can complete your routines safely and correctly.

Posture is...

1) Conditioning your body to maintain the correct shape and style to perform elements correctly.
2) Always maintaining the right line in standing or balancing in the correct position.

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